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About Us

Who are we?

Masafa Business Platform is a Saudi platform that was established in 2019 in order to link businesses digitally by bringing together sellers and buyers in one domain and to facilitate the buying and selling process through the requesting of quotations and the possibility of communication between business owners and also helping sellers to present their products to the right buyers.

- Raise the level of local content for businesses in the Kingdom by increasing sales to Saudi companies internally.
- Giving buyers a greater choice within the Kingdom so that we can ensure they get the best prices and products.
- Enabling sellers to sell and market their products in the best possible way.
- Facilitate the search for products and suppliers in the Kingdom.

Masafh platform works by presenting the special products in the suppliers by distributing them to various categories according to the special activity in the product. Through the platform, the buyer will be able to search for the right product and then communicate with the seller, request a quote for the products, and then compare between different suppliers and determine the purchase option.

Our vision in Masafh is to be the premier destination for commercial sales within the Kingdom

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