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MICROBITS - Altuwairqi Group | Road Works, Building Construction & Information Technology and Project Management Team Services.


About the company

MICROBITS offer services which compliments growing range of integrated services that enable us to take any industrial or public works project from concept through planning, financing, design, construction, operations and maintenance. Every element of the firm is structured to ensure that we can leverage our global resources and know-how to satisfy each client’s particular needs. MICROBITS PLEASED TO PRESENT FOLLOWING. Civil Engineering, Road Works, Buildings, Waterproofing and insulation & Industrial Services. IT- Information Technology Solutions, IP Phones, CCTV, Access Control, Security system. Electromechanical and Steel Fabrication Services. Fire Protection & Fire Fighting Services. Trading all kind of Materials. The Solution provided by MICROBITS are enhanced through working relationships and association with established international and local contractors, and specialized vendors. Using these strategic alliances MICROBITS can provide a combined team of well qualified personnel to implement the successful execution of projects.

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